Sunday, November 25, 2018

1.4 Gilbert

Sometimes, Joline feels that the work never ends, the plumbings are in bad condition but they barely have money to pay the bills so the house upgrade has to wait.

With that in mind, she added two plants to her garden, at the same time she moved it to the basement because fall had arrived.

I mentioned how much I love Gilbert?

That money was invested in generating more work for Joline.

And bee stings.

A screenshot of Gilbert because he's the best.

And Gilbert spam. Just because.

More love for Gilbert.

Dequan was electrocuted by lightning. Luckily I was able to witness the moment! Is it bad that something like that makes me happy?? It's a good shot.

I think Dequan is judging me.

I really don't care because I'm juding him all the time. Like now. Joline had fixed that bathtub the day before.

More work for Joline. My poor girl. A least the farm is making a little more of money.

And despite all her work:

Thanks to Gilbert, the house could be slightly improved.

Better bridge and stove and a table with chairs.

And a shower because I was getting tired of the time that takes the Allens to have a bath.

I moved the tub outside to be used with Gilbert. It didn't fit in the bathroom.

Cruz keeps coming home after school, so Joline and he have become good friends. There is still no chemistry between them.

Mr. Gnome approves of the garden.

Spooky Day arrived so the family went to the Fall Festival. The only participants seemed to be Joline and Dequan.

Dequan won the apple bobbing contest.

And Joline the eating one.

And what did Gilbert won? Fleas. Sigh.

At the end of the day, Joline changed the tickets she had put together and bought a couple of things.

Here hopping the scarecrow scare Dequan.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

1.3 This Time Joline Has Fun Too

Leisure arrived and with it the first crops. Now it can be said that it is a farm :p

Joline was working hard the last few days, so today is going to be a day to have fun and relax. By rules she can not leave her father alone so they both went to the summer festival.

I don't know if this counts as a risky activity for Dequan or not but I'm going to assume that as long as Joline skates with him there's no problem.

After spending half a day at the festival, a photo was taken to commemorate the moment. Then they went in search of other adventures, in short to spend time on the beach.

Dequan spent the afternoon fishing while Joline was relaxing under the rain. Despite the bad weather, she was able to get a tan.

At the end of the day they enjoyed some hot dogs cooked by Joline, obviously.

Before returning home they made one last stop at the grocery store to sell the fruits and vegetables they had obtained that day. I have decided that while Joline is a teenager she will not be able to sell at the consignment store, to not sell things at higher prices. My belief is that an inexperienced teen could not achieve better prices than the local store can offer.

When they returned home, Joline took advantage of the few hours before bed she still had to clean up the bathroom. With this, the whole house is in adequate conditions to live. Now she just needs to fix the basement. Yay for Joline.

Of course, Dequan has to ruin the small victory.

There's a new family member. The Allen adopted a cat from the shelter, Gilbert (I liked the name so I didn't change it) is genius and friendly. The cat was adopted mainly to keep Dequan busy.

To help Joline bring some money Gilbert's practicing the hunting skill.

That's basically what he did the next couple of days.

Joline received several calls from Cruz during the week, I began to think that if there was no other suitor then Joline would have to settle for him.

But my plans collapsed before forming, seconds after taking the previous shot, this poppep up:

I still don't have a boyfriend's prospect for Joline. I'll wait for some of the children to grow up to teen.

Poor Gilbert, the turtle is giving him a beating.

Poor Gilbert, the turtle is giving him a beating. I always find it funny that certain small animals can give such a beating to a cat. At least the effort was not in vain since he was able to hunt the turtle, $24 more in the family funds for a total of $75. 😂

Saturday family outing.

Joline and Dequan are passing quality time together while fishing to increase the family funds, Gilbert is having fun in the cat jungle in the background.

He's making friends too. I'm linking Gilbert more and more.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

1.2 The Fun Goes to Dequan

Second day in this dilapidated farm, Joline took advantage of the early morning to clean a little before school.

The tricky thing was to keep Dequan away from the house's chores, so after several times canceling his autonomous actions I built him a pond on the side of the house.

What he catches in that pond will be used as a fertilizer or stored in the fridge, I'll only sell the fish that he's caught while on an outing with Joline. That way I feel that all the money that the farm gets is through some effort made by her.

Joline had an apportunity in the Sciense Lab so she took her father with her.

Dequan took the opportunity to talk with this young woman that for some reason found him attractive.

I'm sorry Dequan but I'll not allow you to have a relationship with an attractive young woman who may be doing better things, like contributing to populate this town.

Although she makes it difficult.


Luckily Dequan listened to me. (All their accions were autonomous).

After this, Joline and her father ended up in the library, she's doing homework and he's reading. She also read a little of gardening. It seems all the fun goes to Dequan. Poor girl, that face.

At least Hailey's flowers served as decoration.

Joline isn't very good at cooking yet.

Repairing the washing machine is almost a necessity because the dirty laundry is becoming a problem.

Joline met Cruz Martingale at school, he's not a sim that I particularly like but I always feel that Appaloosa Plains has a lack of good teens. The fact that they are doing homework giving each other their backs it's not a good sign.

Also, Joline seems to agree with me. So friend for now, although I'll keep him close just in case.

This visit was repeated two days in a row. At least doing the homework together made Joline already have an A.

In other news, the house is haunted.

I searched his grave everywhere and I must confess that it was a little hard to find it. When I finally found it, I came across with this:

FIVE!!! I still don't know what I'm going to do with the graves, I'll see how the ghosts behave, if they are of the helpful or the crazy ones. Who am I kidding, this is going to be chaos.

I put this screenshot to finish this update because I like it. As long as the deer doesn't go near the apple trees, everything is fine.